Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lieberman Should Be Drummed Out Of The Party

I shall repeat, once again, and probably not for the last time:

If, by the time the Senate reconvenes in September, NoMoJo has NOT foresaken his destructive, disruptive, and anti-democratic quest to run as an "independent Democrat," if he has not, by then, endorsed Ned Lamont, the popularly selected candidate of the Party for the post of US Senator from Connecticut, Harry Reid MUST at minimum, immediately:
1) strip him of all committtee assignments,

2) revoke his access to any and all private, or partisan communcations,

3) fire his entire staff and revoke their privileges immediately,

4) suspend all his funding except the Constitutionally-mandated franking privliege, and

5) move his fucking desk into the parking slot assigned to him in the Senate garage...

And if Harry Reid is incapable of such discipline, he should be forthwith replaced with and by someone who can and will.

The voters rejected him. Can the Party do less?


LittleBrother said...

Exactly. What does it say about a political party's leadership if it permits a member to openly reject and defy the will of its constituents with impunity?

The political class has always insisted on a protective collegiate/clubby venue in which to operate, and has generally been accorded it. I suppose that everyone acknowledges on some level that political matters often need dark corners where deals are done, about which it is best not to ask too many questions. But this "no-fault", no-blame, see-no-evil support surely may not extend to a malcontent who seeks to have his cake and eat it too-- to retain all the perks and privileges of party membership, but pursue his own interests at the expense of the party's.

No more Mister Nice Guy, HoJo...

momskids said...

No luck so far with this Dem Party. I'm a life-long loyal Dem. I often get frustrated and angry with the party too. But if I lost a primary election fair and square, I'd concede graciously.
Then I'd sign up for a cushy K-street job (snark).

Anonymous said...

WGG--Amen, and amen, and amen. Well stated.

Sharpened Screwdriver of Peace

Anonymous said...

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