Saturday, August 12, 2006

Connecticutting the Dots: Was /Is NoMoJo a GOPuke Mole?

Did NoMoJo get a free pass on his 2000 Senatorial campaign from the Pukes as a quid pro quo for fucking up the Gore campaign from the inside?

That seems to be at least a possible implication from Margie Burns' blog . Given the Busheviks deep Connecticut roots, it is not a specious question.

What was Lieberman's role in 2000?
by margieburns on Fri 11 Aug 2006 04:06 PM

Lieberman and the White House are stumbling, bigtime, in their eagerness to overreach. One result: looking at the double game Lieberman is playing has brought this writer for one to take a closer look at election year 2000..."

(The Money Questions)
1. Why couldn’t the Connecticut GOP find a better candidate to run for Senate against Joe Lieberman in 2000? Connecticut’s state Democratic Convention, which
nominated Lieberman unanimously, was held on May 27 of that year. The state Republican Convention, where Giordano was the only candidate and reportedly even had to buy his own balloons, was not held until July. These are the Republicans, beneficiaries of exactly the high-end white-collar sector in which Connecticut specializes. It strains credulity to imagine that the GOP, with ample time, could not field even a good sacrificial goat, a local candidate who could stand a handsome loss at the hands of a famous senator in return for the name recognition.

2. Why was Joe Lieberman a no-show candidate in his 2000 Senate race?

3. Why didn’t the GOP make a bigger and nastier issue of the fact that Lieberman was running (nominally) two races at once?

4. Why didn’t Dick Cheney make an issue of it in “debating” Lieberman?

5. Looking at the ways the White House and other Republican candidates are now supporting Lieberman (over Alan Schlesinger, the GOP nominee in Connecticut), was Team Bush making the way smooth for Lieberman –as a Senate candidate -- in 2000?

6. If so, was there a quid pro quo? Is there some good reason why Lieberman never went on the offensive against the other ticket in the attack dog mode that VP candidates are supposed to take?

In other words, did Team Bush have a tacit arrangement with Lieberman?

(Emphases added: Connectcutting the dots: it's definitely worth a read, as it provides plenty of circumstantial evidence that Lieberwhoreshitfuck has been in the GOPuke's pocket since at LEAST 1999...