Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Contest: What Fate Is Appropriate For A Such A Gutless Shitwhistle?

Eugenics has been in the news lately.

Here's a likely candidate for eugenic experimentation.

The guy on the right is the one who engineered this stunt (the cat in the hat looks like some kinda right-wing satanic brother-in-law, doesn't he?).

I am at no loss for ideas on ways that would repay the debt this courageous fucknozzle has incurred from the planet, from nature, or from humanity.

I am only hoping there are are others who can expand my repertoire.

One thing that would work well, I'm sure, would be if 'fans' showed up at concerts to throw stuffed, arrow-pierced, teddy-bears at the cowardly, murderous, psychopathic dickwad everywhere he appears. I wanna rip off his fucking head and shit in his lungs

There's not a redeeming argument anywhere in the facts of the case. How empty IS this fuckwit? This shit-hole--I mean, who can agree with it? He killed a tame bear just for the 'joy' of killing it. Who can validate that? My B-I-L, probably...

I wanna rip off his fucking head and shit in his lungs... and not my brother-in-law...


dee said...

Aw, jeez, this is heartbreaking. I'm weeping from the base cruelty of these two fucking subhumans. True justice for these two would be to pen them and let them meet the same fate as Cubby. Corrupted, twisted, blighted, and perverse; scum like this shouldn't be allowed to walk in the company of decent people.

prof fate said...

I'm surprised mighty Bwana Troy didn't have them pull the bear's claws and hammer its teeth out before he set foot in that pen. But I guess that would have been just too much of an obvious giveaway to the DNR.

Just think of all the fun you could have, though, if you ran into this guy at a party:

"Got your bearings, yet, Troy? Don't you find this kind of affair unbearably boring? Guess we'll just have to grin and bear it, though. Hey, isn't Bobby Bare supposed to show up later?"

Or, you could just cut to the chase with something like:

"So, who's next on your hit list: Yogi or Booboo?"

Ok, hardly commensurate to the offense, but I'd bet his reaction would be good for a grin.

Seriously, though, as someone who grew up in a family of hunters, I regard this kind of "sportsman" with nothing but the deepest contempt. Jebus, Troy, it's only a couple of hours' drive from Franklin to the Smokies, and there's lots of bears there.

Oh, yeah, I forget: Troy's the kind of gormless coward who just wants people to think he has the guts to hunt a full-grown bear on its own ground, with nothing but a bow-and-arrow. Heaven forfend he should actually have to face anything that might treat humans as food, instead of depending on them to fill its food bowl.

Ripley said...

And let's not forget the 'men' who set this up for him. It's disgusting, on a cellular level.

Anne Johnson said...

I'd love to see him in the prison shower when the hard-core cons ask him what he's been sent to the can for.

It won't help that he'll be bare at the time.

Panamint Pete said...


Panamint Pete said...

Hit him where it Hurts
After I made my last post I realised there was another way to castrate this testosterone soaked macho man.
I found his producer (Sony entertaiment Co. @ ) and expressed my views that I didn't approve of this wanna-be Elvis trailer trash and his idea of "entertainment" and was this Sony's idea of "entertainment, too? I also said that I and my country music loving friends( o.k. there are three of them) are going to give this guy a freeze out that would make the Dixie Chicks boycott look like a greenhouse.

Anonymous said...

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