Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meet Us At The Fair!!!

Some Eschatonians/Atriots are coming to Albuquerque in September to spend a day at the Expo New Mexico (aka New Mexico State Fair). The date is Sept. 16. The gates open at 10 AM.

If You Are Planning to Attend the Field-Trip on SEPT 15, in ABQ, lemme know soonest? I am planning to take a van-load of interested folks out to Chaco Canyon, returning through Acoma pueblo that day, departing early (9-9:30-ish), and returning around dusk.

AFAIK, I think the following are confirmed: Mena, Katie, Agave, Olaf, LilRed, Ruth, and me...if your planning it too, I need to know asap, to arrange sufficient transportation. I am going to rent a van (7 or 9 passenger) for the weekend, both to go on the field trip and to carry folks to and from the fair on I need a head me out please?tanx....


JohnJS said...


It might work this time Woody.
Preview did anyway.
I had planed to get there for the fair but the gas prices and auto problems puts a crimp to that idea.

larry said...

Man, sounds like a nice trip. Hope some of the guests are new to your state. It sounds like a very spiritual adventure. I love New Mexico, where you can see a clan's entire driving history parked in the back yard.

f said...

christ you are old