Monday, August 28, 2006

Schtop Mit De "Schtupping", Schtupid...

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The Wayne Madsden Report: Aug. 25, 2006 --
Neocon-influenced satellite news media silent on Israeli President's rape allegations.

When it comes to coverage of the Middle East, global satellite news networks -- from a European vantage point -- remain silent on any uncomfortable news from Israel.

(However) Israeli police have twice questioned President Moshe Katsav over charges that he raped a former employee. Two female members of the Knesset, both from the governing Kadima-Labor coalition, have called for Katsav to resign. European and Israeli papers are covering the unfolding scandal but CNN and the BBC remain silent on the subject.

Katsav's alleged female victim, referred to as "A" by police, said the President engaged in improper "sexual contact" with her while she worked at the Beit Hansassi presidential residence. Two other female employees at Beit Hanassi have also come forward to complain about improper sexual behavior towards them by the President. Although Katsav is claiming that A is blackmailing him, the scandal has expanded to charges that Katsav issued presidential pardons in return for bribes.

On Sunday, Israeli Attorney General Haim Ramon resigned after the Israeli Attorney General indicted him for sexually harassing a female employee in his office. Again, the global satellite news media remained silent on the subject.

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