Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Am Sick To Death Of ICORP Democrats

I Am Sick To Fucking Death With Tactical "Democrats"

They're the ones, like Paul Hackett and a LOT of others, who are not opposed to, and do not repudiate or revile, the ICORP (Invasion, Conquest, Occupation, Rape & Pillage) of Iraq, but only quibble about the mechanics of how it was accomplished, why it failed, or how it could be "saved."

They're ones who will endlessly fucking proclaim: well, we could have "won" if we'd only 1) used more troops, 2) dropped more bombs, 3) killed more Iraqis, 4) paid more attention to security, 5) guarded the museums like the oil ministry or 6) ALL THE ABOVE.

Listen, shitwhistles, the ICORP of Iraq was wrong--just wrong, get it?-- from the start. In consequence, any 'victory' there would have been a 'victory' which the world would have been (and IS) entitled to view as EXACTLY the equivalent of the German 'victory' in Czechoslovakia in 1938, or the Japanese 'victory' over China in '37--or, for that matter, General Miles' "victory" at Wounded Knee.

The ICORP of Iraq was WRONG from the first fucking day.

The results we are witnessing today--civil war, revenge killings, the balkanization of the country, the destruction of infrastructure, the rise of the fanatic imams, the influence of Iran--were entirely predictable (fuck, even I predicted them and I'm no fucking international specialist) already in April, 2003. No amount of tactical or strategic massaging the equation would or could have erased the first fundamental flaw and failing: It was always, is now, and always will be an act of unfathomable, unwarranted, immoral, unjust, and illegal fucking AGGRESSION.

You don't just march into a nation that 1) has done you no harm, 2) caused you no injury, 3) posed you no threat, and then a) slaughter their people wholesale with weapons of 'shock & awe', b) tear up their infrasturcture, c) depose their lawful ruler, d) execute his children, e) disrupt the entire civilian lifeworld, and under cover of the soi disant 'fog of war', f) murder and rape the civilians, and g) pilfer their treasures, and then claim to be on the side of the fucking ANGELS.

The Dumbocrap party hacks--basically the whole fucking party except Dennis Kucinich, and including Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and even Jack Murtha--who cleave to this line are just a fucking guilty of the crimes in Iraq as the GOPukes who promulgated this insane, illegal, immoral, insidious scheme in the first place.

I, a veteran of another, similar exercise in USer military adventurism 40 years ago, am appalled and ashamed of my country, all over again. Until the Dumbocraps return to principle, they're no better than fucking murderous sycophants and enablers, disgusted--possibly--by the blood splattered on them by their victims, but willing to wash it off and get on with bidness; and I for one, want to part of 'em.


BlakNo1 said...

The only reason I'm registered as a dem is because of Dennis Kucinich.

Metro99 said...

You are a righteous bastard, Woody. Keep preaching the Good Word. At the end of the day, the only thing these war criminals have left is: (1) Saddam Hussein is bad and (2) Michael Moore is fat.

Shit, I'd love to see your comments at Lenin's Tomb. Your trenchant commentaries are wasted at Atrios. Tell me, truly, do you really give a rat's fuck about Lamont/Lieberman?

indifferent children said...

Listen, shitwhistles, the ICORP of Iraq was wrong--just wrong, get it?-- from the start.

Not everyone believes that the war is/was 'wrong' (I do, but that's beside the point). But it is obvious to anyone with an IQ over 70 that the war is a failure. Even someone who doesn't agree with you on any political issue, including the morality of waging aggressive warfare, can agree that this war is a failure. If you can't get them to vote for morality, you can likely get them to vote against failure. You make an honorable point, but maybe not the one that will wrest control of the government from these bastards.