Sunday, October 14, 2007

After the GM & Chrysler Contracts, The BIG Question Remains:

The BEEEG, still unanswered question is this: "WTF Do The WORKERS Get Outta The Contracts As Announced?"

Read this, for a provocative and interesting, albeit incomplete, analysis.

To me, it looks like a gigantic, life-long, 'voluntary' ass-fucking, including:

1) a huge, and growing, liability. The companies will transfer to the unions about two-thirds of the funds necessary to support the retiree health care plans for the future. Where is the rest supposed to come from, pray tell?

2) a bifurcated pay-scale plan that is GUARAN-fucking-TEED to irritate and alienate current and future workers and weaken the Unions.

3) NO assurances that the companies will NOT outsource further jobs and production.

Looks like WIN-fucking-WIN-fucking-WIN for the Bosses.

Or, did I miss something???


Dirk Gently said...

i recently met a woman from detroit. she was whining and moaning about how the unions had "destroyed" the city - see, she was in real estate and couldn't sell her $500,000 home up there, so she had to continue to maintain it while living in her $800,000 home here in atlanta.

all the fault of those selfish, lazy blue-collar auto workers who thought they deserved a nice home and health benefits and retirement plans after sweating all day on the assembly lines. after all, ANYONE could do that work, whereas she had to struggle to get an education, dress well, and drive her mercedes all over creation selling houses to a much better class of person.

Ruth said...

Answer to your question re; where's the rest of that healthcare costs going to come from?

The emergency room.