Friday, October 05, 2007

The Clenis Speaks

He said a lot more during his sojourn in Britain, but this is memorable:
"I want the American people to stop rewarding the ideological wing of the Republican party, so we can have a centre-left party and a centre-right party and they can have real debates about real things."
Like that 'debate' the Clinton prez had over removing the social safety net and 'ending welfare as we know it?" Like that furious confrontation over NAFTA/CAFTA? Yeah, that one was fierce. How about de-regulating Media?: "(W)e will support removal of judicial and legislative restrictions on all types of telecommunications companies: cable, telephone, utilities, television and satellite. Market forces replace regulations and judicial models that are no longer appropriate."

How do you triangulate between a 'centre-left' and a 'centre-right' party? Bi-partisanship is easy, since they're both merely occasionally competitive scions of the same Uber-Party, aptly named, by Harry Truman (who surely knew) the Party of Property and Privilege. Just do what your CorpoRat funders want...

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Anonymous said...

Feh, his words are just another turd in my punch bowl.