Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Max Blumenthal: Bravest "Mensch" In The Village

He ventured out among the 'faithful' at last week's Values Voters conference, sponsored by the vicious child-abuser James Dobson's Focus On The Family franchise, and actually got into the grill, a little, of the Christianist Fascisti. He returns hale and hearty, and with more priceless video. At least this time he did not find himself unceremoniously escorted from the place. It's a really dirty job (he had to get within arm's length of Phyllis Schlafly & James Dobson on the same day, without a change of clothes)
Go here for the viddie.
Go to Huffpost for the article.


Anonymous said...

"Values Voters" are certainly that, they are voting against anything of value whenever they get the opportunity.

from Ruth

Anonymous said...

I didn't see no greeezers, niggers or jews in dat crowd, ceptin' the four-abortion ho. ( nuthin' worse den a reformed drunk) just a bunch a white folk with mo' good cents 'n good sense. On'y thing missin' was de swastika on de wall. On'y thing dem bassers make me wanna do more 'n stick a spoon down my throat is jam a pound of C-4 up the ass of evey one of dem muthafuckers.