Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Could "The Environment"/Climate Crisis Become The Next "War On Terra"?

(Even paranoid DFHs have real enemies)

It is a problem soooo fraught peril and beset with so much emotion/ideology that it is RIPE for the picking by some opportunistic demagogue with enough charisma and the appearance of a plan to hijack it. (Cross-posted at Correntewire and My Left Wing...

It is not impossible to imagine conditions under which such a leader might appeal to the "planetary good" to suspend certain provisions of the Constitution in the name of reducing emissions: highway check-points, for example, at which not only would your car's emissions be tested, but--since you're stopped anyway--the passengers might be searched for illicit/contraband commodities, say. Or have a dog just sniff the car, for "explosives." It requires no particular perspicacity to envision the reduction of green-house gasses, for example, becoming the (or even one) rationale for draconian restrictions on liberties and freedoms, and make it the pretense for the imposition of authoritarian/totalitarian measures to assure 'compliance'.

Particularly if penalties might include dispropriation.

Defining the "climate crisis" as a 'national security issue' opens the door for these kinds of abuses (see Homeland Security/torture, e.g.), as sure as I'm a 60-something, dope-smokin' DFH*.

(*DFH = Dirty Fucking Hippie)

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kelley b. said...

Absolutely. It already is.