Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Take a look at these two maps and understand:. The US WILL NOT abandon all those resources, guaran-fucking-teed, chers.

There are eight, king-hell, big bases now in operation in Iraq; 10 'foreward ops' bases; 75 Burger King, PizzaHut, and KFC outlets (Pepsico owns ALL the on-base franchises).

The dirty secret of Operation Iraqi Liberation (that was the first name assigned to it, no shit!) emerges when you lay the two maps over one another, and see the relation of "oil" and "occupation." Those little dots we usta call 'firebases.' "We" can and will walk away from all the firebases sites; we can always re-establish them. We will NOT walk away from the rest, which either sit astride oil pipelines or guard major oil production and distribution facilities. The two north-eastern-most of them are there to provide bases of operation to extend 'influence' (that is, military force) across the oil and energy-rich trans-Caspian region.


BlakNo1 said...

Oh, we're not going anywhere. That's a guarantee no matter who is elected next year. The next presidents job will be to convince the American people of the "necessity" of staying.

nolocontendere said...

There will be a smoking, greasy crater where every one of those bases are if the US nukes Iran. But since Israel wants the US to attack Iran, craters there will be.

Alexandra said...

Everybody seems to be an expert about what Israel wants? Who said??