Friday, October 19, 2007

Are the Bushits TOO Dangerous To Impeach?

I posted this on PFF this morning:
Something like 60 percent of USer citizens want to see BusCheney impeached. (Only a slightly smaller number want to see their heads on pikes outside the WhiteHouse.) But there is an enormous amount of inertia weighing down the process in Congress.

Ideally, of course, members of Congress should apply the same standard to themselves that they like to apply to members of the Executive and Judicial branches—namely to honor their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. That Oath is supposed to transcend political calculations. But of course it doesn't. So the question is "why not?"

I think it might be for something like the same reason Congress bailed out Chrysler, the Bush-ravaged S&Ls, etc.: As Chrysler/ElDorado S$L/etc. was 'too big to be allowed to fail, the Buscheney Cabal is too evil to sink without bringing down the whole house of cards.

Could it be that the Dims think that Bush and Cheney are so dangerously out of control that a serious impeachment drive in Congress would provoke the Deserter-in=Chief and his chickenshit chickenhawk puppe-master to fabricate a military emergency, strike Iran or otherwise generate a crisis, based on their continual fulminations about the “war on terror,” that would engulf the whole country, weaken the Dims, and throw them BACK on the defensive for 2008?

In short, do the Democrats regard BusCheney as being so defiantly, aggressively impeachable on so many counts that they are in effect, practically speaking, unimpeachable? That is, with the White House harboring so much political nitroglycerine, would ANY attempt to clean house be to dangerous to even try to remove it?

Sounds plausible...Just askin...


Mr. Pelican said...

The dictatorship in Washington is unassailable because they have made, in the spirit of Joe McCarthy, opposition unamerican and traitorous. The congress sold out their oaths to the media/political kingmakers for a deal on a thirty second sound bite. Democracy has been dead since the advent of electronic mass media, and we're all too fuckin stupid to see it. They sell us our leaders the same way they sell us our laundry detergent. We have become a nation of sheep, with only a couple of old goats left in the paddock to keep things

Alexandra said...

I think you are close to the truth. They are all terrified. I am just sick!

spocko said...

Yep. Fear.
The Bush admin uses the THREAT of secret information and extra knowledge to keep the congress in check. It's not like the Hoover days. When they need to, they can raise up the illusion that they have IMPORTANT NATIONAL SECURITY information that if they were to reveal it to the congress they would TOTALLY back down and say, "Thank you for protecting us from those bad people and if you had to break a few laws along the way, never mind."

I think that is what they are trying to push with the Telecom stuff. They did look at information that was about their political enemies. They Telecos when along with it because they were told it was "for national security"
and the reason they want that immunity NOW is that they are afraid that the deep pockets that the people who were spied upon will sue them.

If I was a telco lawyer I would push hard to not have anyone touch me with a civil/criminal case.
That is what they want to avoid.

kelley b. said...

If people are scared now, consider this: whether or not Iraq kicks out Blackwater, they are saying they're leaving Iraq after the beginning of the year and not renewing their contracts.

This means the largest most well financed and armed group of mercenaries will be coming back to 'Merika.

Just in time for the 2008 $election.

Anonymous said...

Saw for the first time interviews with Eric Prince last night on Bill Moyer's Democracy now. What a purty scary mother fucker totally without any conscious or honesty. Kinda made me think if he were opened up one would find black worms and sulphur.

Alexandra said...

I wonder how many mercenaries we have worldwide? This thing is so big that nobody can even imagine the size I suspect. Looks to me like they have screwed our goose pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Nice poem called "Squandered":


bo said...

Oh, thanks so fuckin' much. I followed your link to PFF and now I'm a registered commenter in that cesspool. Please add "mental disease vector" to your list of honorifics. The public should be warned. ;^)

madamab said...

This is exactly what I've been thinking.