Monday, October 22, 2007

Jindal's LA Victory Due Mainly To Post-Katrina, Black Hiatus/Diaspora

On Commonsense dot org (link in the hed) Bill Scher FUUKIN NAILS it:
Conservative movement favorite Bobby Jindal cruised to victory in Saturday's Louisiana gubernatorial election, winning 53% of the vote in a multi-person race, far ahead of the pack and avoiding a runoff election against a single opponent.

But Jindal got roughly the same amount of votes as four years ago, when he won only 48% of the vote and lost the governor's race.

The difference, Scher shows, is in the numbers of New Orleans and other South Louisiana voters, mainly black, mainly Democrat, who were displaced, dispropirated, dislocated, and thereafter effectively disenfranchised in the aftermath of the murderous flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina.

It is no accident that the Bush cabal HSA has devoted no resources to restoring the displaced poor of New Orleans--many who owned their properties, meager though they might appear. I believe Bobby Jindal intends to preside over the wholesale gentrification of New Orleans.
Another Mission: Accomplished.

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