Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A recent, frightening epiphany: A "Defeated' Military Is NOT necesarily a 'bad' thing

...for the indigenous fascisti.

The 'defeat' of USer arms in the occupation of Iraq can actually be used to buttress the claims for the necessity of MORE private security apparati, both domestically and overseas. It's not unlike the observation that the Pukes run and 'win' by claiming Govt cannot work and then prove it...

There was a story the other day about the Busheviki plans to hire Blackwater or its like to prosecute the increasingly militarized 'war on drugs.' There were almost 1 Million pot busts last year. Over 1,000 police home invasions per week, nation-wide, the bulk of which were driven by drug warrants for contraband cannabis. Blackwater on the Border? Shoot first...then shoot again.

So it occurred to me that the Busheviks are using Iraq (and Iran, if Iraq is not enough) to destroy the Army and the Marines as potential bulwarks FOR THE PEOPLE against the in-roads, private and public, of the fascists and CorpoRats in undoing the Constitution enough to drown the Govt in Grover Norquist's bathtub (the Air Force is reliably xianist, at least in the officer corps, and the navy is ALWAYS the repository of the aristocracy)…

With the official US Military paralyzed by personnel and supply problems, budget and recruitment shortfalls, etc, the members of the IPOA (International Peace Operations Association), the private 'security' forces will cooperate with the now-militarized cops and become the defacto Army of the Interior.

Every good authoritarian/totalitarian state needs one of those. The Nazis had the SA, the Soviets the MKVD; in China, it's the whole People's Army. How appropriate that in the ultimate Kapitalist State, ours should be indigenous mercenaries.

This is part and parcel with the whole trajectory of the Bushevik regime agenda to as much as possible reduce to impotence and ruin any public instrument or institution that might interfere with the final, wholesale appropriation of the USer 'Commons" by the Corporat State.

We should never indulge in the conceit that these slime-bag thieves, crooks, and gunsels are stupid, or clueless, or bumblers, or incompetents. They're none of those things.

What they are is "Untouchable," to tweak the etymology of the term a little.

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Anonymous said...

There is a story about JFK ordering a military unit to enter Cuba, and its refusing. Its from the dim past, but it always made me wonder if future presidents wouldn't try to hobble the military if/when the executive branch got out of control. There's something to what you say.

from Ruth