Saturday, October 27, 2007

Even the most outspoken Media Tool is STILL a Media Tool

'The president of the United States didn't have the power to spy on Americans ... operate secret prisons ... suspend due process ... torture ... hide the conduct of the government from the public, it's not like anybody gave President Bush any of these powers -- he took them, as a brain-dead Congress just stood there and watched.' - Jack Cafferty
So saith the most 'controversial' talking head on CNN. He wins adulatory 'ooooohs' and 'aaaaahs' from the throngs of mostly brain-impaired (if not altogether moribund) media consumers for his occasaional outbursts of apparent honesty. But, in this case as in so many more, Cafferty's wrong, of course.

The brain-dead Congress did NOT just stand there and watch. A very significant number of the members of BOTH Houses of that august body actively, and even enthusiastically, shoveled power at the Executive, using both hands and a manure spreader. Only two of the Dem candidates for president acted responsibly to attempt to preserve the separation of powers: Kucenich all along, and Dodd, recently.

Congress was and is actively complicit in the castration of the Constitution for the benefit of the elites and hegemons. Why would it not be? How could it escape blame for this traitorous sell-out of the liberties of th People? They BELONG, bag and baggage, to those very interests, themselves. The CorpoRat media did their jobs, standing by and applauding the initiative of the 'Serious' folks.


Dirk Gently said...

isn't it interesting how many times you hear or write "only kucinich..." or "except for kucinich..."

makes one think. or should.

BlakNo1 said...

That thought has been in my brain since 2003 when he announced the first time.