Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore Won The Nobel Peace Prize, The Academy Award, and the Presidency (once).

But I really don't think he's gonna run.
Indeed, I'd bet on it.
Surely not this time.
Mebbe next time, after the dust from the forthcoming 'failed' presidency settles.
The next 'president' cannot win, anything, at all, ever, period. None of the problems we face are in any way 'soluble' in terms of one presidential term under the best of circumstances, at peace, with a convivial Congress, and full coffers.
But if s/he is a Dem, the next 'president' will be called upon--will be expected--to solve them (if he's a Puke: "Just go shopping.") WITHOUT those advantages. The expectations will be astronomical, and the obstacles (imho) insurmountable. Unless there is a national concensus, and I cannot in any way foresee the GOPukes abandonning their corpoRat masters for the good of the 'country,' since they no longer NEED the 'country,' per se. They're 'global', after all, and the US 'market' is declining, relative to the rest of the world...
In the first place the next 'president' will be blamed for 1)'losing' Iraq (since there is no way to 'win' there, but no real blame will attach to Bush--IOKIYAAR), no matter what happens--unless nothing changes, which of course has been the Bushevik strategy. Whether some USer troops are withdrawn, either to the CONUS to peripheral States, or just sequestered on 5 mega-bases scattered around the country, they will still be in Iraq, which will both continue to exacerbate tensions in the region and NOT mollify the folks opposed to the whole thing in any case... The only winners are anglo-american oil cabals. (well, the Israel, too).
2) The climate crisis will intensify, as all the projections appear to be too conservative by half, and wide-spread disaster looms, diseases spread, and whole ecosystems appear on the verge of extinction.
3) The health-care crisis will escalate as Boomers, weakened by life-long exposure to the toxic ingredients in the products of our 'culture', will sicken but not die, for a long time. It will be in the interests of the for-profit 'illness' industry to extend life, no matter its quality.
4) The economy is going to tank, as our entire infrastructure collapses, for lack of maintenance, while the commons are more and more privatized/profitized, jobs go overseas, and the US middle-class gets sucked dry by 'commerce' which will already have moved on to China.
And that's just the shit we already know about.
Plus: A Dem--any Dem: Hillary, Obama, Gore, Richardson, any of 'em--will almost CERTAINLY be challenged by a 'terra' attack, which will test their fitness by whether or not they indiscriminately kill uppity brown people.
Get ready. It's coming. I wouldn't wanna be president, either.


Anonymous said...

All of the difficulties plus some are definitely there, but Al Gore didn't choose to fight for the world to understand it's come into a crisis. He did it despite the difficulties. Lightning does strike twice.

from Ruth

Sparkle Plenty said...

I come here for the uplift.

But, yeah . . .

Anonymous said...

Nah, if he don't run this time, there won't be a next time.

Do any of you think that the rest of the world will put up with our shit for another 4-8 years? I sure don't.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, looks like I'm voting Socialist and/or Libertarian this time. I won't be making the mistake of voting for "more and better dems". The ones we already have are worse than useless. What good will putting more of them in office do?