Monday, October 08, 2007

Can You Say "Show Trial?" I knew you could!

Via HuffPost today:

One of the US Attorneys NOT fired by Alberto "Abu" Gonzales, a certain Richard Gregorie, is ploughing ahead with the trial of the six or seven homeless Miami men accused of planning to attack the Sears Tower in Chicago. So you KNOW the fucker's a reliable Bushevik: If he wasn't fired or questioned, he's one of Abu Gonzo's 'good boys,' willing to do his masters' bidding, no matter whom it fucks. This is the Bushevik "Justice" Dept, so it's obvious already that this is designed as a political spectacle, reinforcing the "Danger-Danger-Fear-Fear" meme which is ALL the fucking Pukes have in the way of a platform.
The seven homeless defendants in this affair were loosely associated with a mentally unbalanced man who, according to the Los Angeles Times, "paraded around Liberty City in flowing robes and a head wrap, carrying a shepherd's staff. He called himself a sheik, and preached against drugs and domestic violence at a corner park on Sundays and, with the other six defendants, formed a Miami chapter of the Moorish Science Temple, a sect that blends Christianity, Islam and Judaism and claims autonomy from the U.S. government."

Building on this solid foundation, Mr. Gregorie outlined the planned attacks which included poisoning salt shakers in restaurants, blowing up the Sears Tower, and flooding secret tunnels which the sheik claimed knowledge of, which could be flooded from "Lake Toronto." Fortunately, these plans were stopped in the nick of time by the FBI. Most of the plans, as well as weapons and other equipment were provided by the informants, who were paid more than $100,000 for their work and expenses. The defendants themselves provided a little marijuana.

The good news here is that if the FBI, the Justice Department and DHS can find nobody more threatening to our Republic than this bunch, we can relax a little. Like maybe it's time to turn the color-coded Fear Alert System down to yellow. At least until the next election.
Of course the "next election" is already here.
An Aside: I cannot imagine why there is a single employee still in the so-called Justice Department. The ones who have any scruples at all should long ago have quit, and the rest should have been fired, on the spot, when they lined up with the Bushies.

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Ruth said...

That fella that walks down the street locally wearing robes and mumbling is pro'ly plotting to feed himself at the food bank. I am really frightened.