Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dept. of Nobody Ever Could Have Anticipated This Shit, For Sure...

Social Security Reform is back in play in the campaign.

McCaint sez he's fer it. Sez it's unfair to younger workers. It might be, too, if you thought the whole system was going to hell in a handbasket and/or your money was somewhere else.

Nothing better to guarantee the failure of a mutual assurance community than to tell the young they'll never have the benefits they pay for for the old.

There is another alternative. Take the old out on the glacier, strip 'em, and leave 'em. Freezing's not a bad way to go, I hear..

The only reason you wouldn't want to see to the well-being of your elders is that you don't think you'll ever live to old age, I reckon. If that's true, we're in deep shit.

In the short-to-mid-term, here's what's at stake. Social Security represents the biggest single pool of un-stolen, un-traded, un-exploited (for private profit) capital in the whole United States of America. Social Security is to cash for these vicious parasites what the trans-Caucasus is to the vicious parasites who speculate in energy. It's THAT big.

The bidness/banker/broker underwriters of both Parties wanna get their hands on that huge pool of cash.

They need a malleable President and a supine, whipped Congress to do the deed. Sometime after the 2010 election...

When you're playing no-limit, you only win when you have all the money. These guys are tinhorns, but they've got the biggest stack by far.

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