Monday, July 28, 2008

What The SCUM** Really Do

The job of the SCUM (**So Called Unbiased Media**) is to focus on the political "horse-race," to make enough noise so as to make it seem tightly contested enough that at the end it can plausibly be stolen, and the outcome be manipulated through fraud, theft, and extortion--the usual--if that is the wish of our CorpoRat owners and paymasters. This year, I'm not sure they've decided yet. The choices are BOTH alluring. 1) They can let Obama be installed in the WhiteHouse, and then laugh hysterically from the wings as he fails utterly in ANY "promised" reform efforts--all/any of which will be stymied automatically by what-ever number of GOPukes remain in Congress and their Bush/Blue-dog allies. By so doing, th Bosses will manage with a single stroke to destroy the Dims (irrelevance, impotence), and to also remove forever the possibility that ANY OTHER 'minority" will ever assume power. Because Obama will NOT be able to overcome the fascist inertia. WIN/Win...

Sounds pretty good, hunh?

But get a load of the other option: McStain. By putting him in, they don't have to do ANYTHING. They just let things go along as they have been. This has advantages: They don't have the inconvenience of the 4-year interregnum, the slowing of tax breaks, grants, and other federal munificences. They won't have to move their war. They won't have to pretend to care about--or spend any money on-- the climate or the planet.

Oh, yeah, the people suffer a little. But as long as you can keep 'em in front of the TeeVee (60", plasma), watching American Idol or Survivor, with a 30-pak of industrial beer-sludge ("Bud") in the fridge, and the Pizza-guy at the door, the people won't move anywhere, far less rise against their oppressors.

By the way, and despite the Obama-nation, I am pretty sure that, come Jan 20 next year, McStain's gonna be the one standing up there on the reviewing stand, hand on the Bible, lying in his fucking teeth about "protecting the Constitution."

I hope I'm wrong...if I'm not, it will mean either that the Murkin people have finally succumbed to the rightard, genetic mutation to which they have long been susceptible and which I always knew lay dormant, or that the final, silent Fascist propaganda triumph has passed unnoticed and unmarked into the history books.


BlakNo1 said...

As I say so many times that I'm almost sick of hearing myself "say" it, if McCain wins clean, this country deserves to be nuked by terrorists.

I'm just hoping that the MA pot decrim bill gets passed. If that doesn't happen and Polident Breath gets the nod, fuck this toilet bowl of an empire. Let it fall.

Alexandra said...

It won't fall. Unfortunately the people will just increasingly suffer. They will just be worked and used till they drop, kinda like Mexico and lots of other third world hellholes.

BlakNo1 said...

It'll fall. All empires do. It'll just be really painful and slow.