Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What Shall We Call The GOPuke Candidate?

I Vote for "McCaint"!

I liked McStain, and McShame, and McBush, and my own innovation, "Bombin' John," but nothing captures the utter futility the act of actually 'electing' the murderous maggot than "McCaint." It completely encapsulates the whole critique of the Right. They won't fix anything, cuz they McCaint see anything wrong.

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Alexandra said...

"The current War Powers Resolution is "ineffective, and it should be repealed and it should be replaced," James Baker said in a joint appearance with Warren Christopher, announcing the results of the study they led."

Anything Baker says you can disbelieve and Christopher has been dead for years. Good luck to us. This just looks like the last step in legalizing the dictatorship.