Sunday, July 20, 2008


Shoddy installation, faulty materials, and careless work are contributing to the electrocutions, and other electrical injuries, of US troops in Iraq.

No. Really. It's true. Dozens of soldiers and even some civilians have been electrocuted taking showers in military installations in Iraq. Really. Via RawStory:
Among the seemingly innumerable scandal-worthy stories which have so marked the war in Iraq is one growing tragedy which has been largely ignored: shoddy electrical work by U.S. contractors at military bases leading to numerous electrical fires, troops receiving painful shocks, and even death by electrocution.
Search electrocution iraq: 212 THOUSAND hits on teh Google.

And you know the corporate culprit?

Nah, g'wan, take a guess. Rhymes with "Sellout, Clown, and Shoot." Usta be part of Dich Cheney's corporate empire. Good friends with the whole Bushevik establishment. Home of 'CuteJuice'-R-US! Yay-ass, I am talking about KBR, a fully spun-off Haliburton subsidiary, connected only at the ummm boards of directors...

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