Thursday, July 03, 2008


(Dept. Of Hyar Come De New Bahss)
According to Barry O's top foreign policy advisor, and former Clintoon globalist and free-trader flunky extraordinaire, Anthony Lake
...(T)he biggest threat facing the world...
BIGGER than global climate change.
BIGGER than poverty and disease.
BIGGER than sky-rocketing energy and food prices and coming foods/energy shortages.
BIGGER than Russia re-arming.
BIGGER than growing conflicts over shrinking resources.
BIGGER than terrorism (which was the last greatest biggest threat facing the world).
BIGGER than organized crime.
BIGGER than accidental nuclear proliferation.
BIGGER than the Terror War operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and Somalia, which continue to spawn so much death, ruin, extremism and economic turmoil.
BIGGER THAN ALL OF THESE-- and all other threats facing the world -- is...What IS IT???
It's too awful to contemplate. It's incomprehensible!It's...
Yes, that's right!!!
IT's the prospect that Iran might, in Lake's words, "get on the edge of developing a nuclear weapon."
Hope all y'all like this war-economy, cuz NEITHER of the likely next incumbents in the US Shite-House is gonna do a shitting thing to alter one thread of it...

Barry O's response?
Barack Obama has hammered home the point even more forcefully: "I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon -- everything."
You may have noticed in these last 7-and-some years that virtually EVERYTHING is "in the power" of the President to do. I do not take this as an encouraging sign of "change" or "new leadership."


I just don't.

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