Monday, July 21, 2008

War Crimes--Killing for peace

Today, the US Military starts a kangaroo war-crimes trial at Gitmo, trying to hasten the execution of the Ha'mdi, their first "terr'ist," to illustrate the GOP grand narrative--more fear, more war, more war-fare--in time for the impending electoral kabuki, the outcome of which is already moot. Missing entirely, of course, is any sense that ALL the wrong people are on trial for the crimes that were indisputably committed.

(Slate's) Dahlia Lithwick, reporting on NPR, wasn't exactly scornfully astonished by the way the fix had been put in--the Military Commissions fix, post SCROTUS, is still nothing but a "fix"----but she never raised any explicit objections to it. Dahlia tries to sound outraged, a little, I guess, but to me just sounds flabbergasted. (the audio usually comes up at 3 pm EDT.). Which is, I suppose, an improvement over the normal tones of ennui or childish, wide-eyed wonder, with which NPR greets and reports upon matters pertaining to the crimes of their pay-masters...

Remember, folks, you cannot spell "RePublicaN" without NPR.

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Tarun Nimmagadda said...

NPR's Dahlia Lithwick?
Doesn't Dahlia Lithwick work for Slate.