Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hit & Run!@ Close the Book

Isn't Novakula in Jail YET?

Beloved right-wing lying sleaze-bag and scum-sucking water-carrier for the GOP for too many years to count, Bob Novak had an unfortunate encounter with a pedestrian on a Washington D.C. street earlier today, after which encounter the pedestrian was injured and the vehicle, a distinctive black Corvette, sped away. Followed by a shouting bicyclist, Novak stopped a block or so away...
Might one be forgiven for being curious who's hands were on which shifter in the cab of that hot black 'Vette as it wheeled recklessly through thick DC pedestrian traffic? Who did Novakula not want to be known as an associate of that he'd risk a felony conviction (umm, that's what you or I would face for Hit & Run, leaving the scene, whatever) for running away?
Karma, beyotch!

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