Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fuck the Constitution: Small Video Cams Are Your Best Protection Vs. Uniformed Thugs

Via RawStory:
A New York City police officer has been placed behind a desk after being caught on tape deliberately pushing a man off of his bike during a Friday Critical Mass event in Times Square.

22-year-old rookie Patrick Pogan, former football offensive lineman and son of a retired NYPD detective, claimed in court documents that 29-year-old Christopher Long of Bloomfield, New Jersey was "forcing multiple vehicles to stop abruptly or change their direction to avoid hitting the defendant." Pogan also alleged that Long knocked him to the ground after deliberately aiming the bicycle towards him.

Video uploaded to YouTube appears to contradict that claim, showing Pogan moving in front of Long as he attempted to ride past the line of officers, and shoving Long to the ground. The footage, the New York Daily News noted, "clearly shows Long trying to dodge Pogan, who appears to have remained upright the entire time."

"The police officer looked to see who he was going to pick off," said witness 54-year-old Craig Radhuber. "All of a sudden the cop picked this kid out and bodychecked him...I couldn't believe what was going on."
Cops will ALWAYS support one another's versions of events, whether they have to lie to do it or not. They all bleed blue.

So the only recourse must be to have your own, irrebuttable account of events. Never trust cops to be on your side, no matter what. They are the official, mortal arm of the State. Watch it:


Anonymous said...

Might as well make the Surveillance State work in our favor.

Mr. Pelican said...

I suppose when all one does is associate with thugs and pricks all day long, it's gonna rub of. I think the thing that pisses me off about cops is the built-in sense of morality; the idea they have the right to interfere in the daily routine of ALL of us. Being the Strong Arm of Society, you know it's gotta warp your thinking. I know a few cops, but of them only one or two are what I would consider reasonable company. The others are muscle-bound dickheads. I think we should have police like they do in Japan.