Friday, July 04, 2008

Is "Waterboarding" Torture?

Vanity Fair columnist Christopher Hitchens "volunteered" to test whether 'waterboarding' is torture. His conclusion? You betcher FUUKING life it is.Waterboarding--but all torture really--is and always has been nothing more than a way for threatened autocrats and hierarchs, fearful to protect their power, to extract 'required' confessions from officially identified 'suspects,' and justify their suppression or extinction. It was EVER thus.


BlakNo1 said...

If Obama loses this year, it won't be because America wants McCain, and it won't be because Obama was a bad candidate(anybody who thought he was going to do anything differently than any of the others save perhaps Kucinich was living in a fantasy world), it will be because democrats/progressives are bound and determined to shoot themselves in the foot out of spite, especially the Clintonista wing of the party.

Mr. Pelican said...

I think we've disscovered a new event for the OLYMPICS, one in which the US could do VERY WELL
Think of the possiblilities for GOLD MEDALS!
Waterboarding giant slalom, FREESTYLE, and the MEDLEY, where you torture with waterboard, Dogs,vicious low brow cunts and dickheards with tazers and sticks AND HUMILIATION! WHOA BABY! SIGN ME UP!!!!