Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Arrrrh, Miteys!!! Tis Tawk Wike A Fuukin Poyrit Die, T'morruh

Aye, Jim, 'tis it 'tis.

An 'ere's the bluuddy tryler fer me on'iest Poyrit fillum!Watdefook? Loik th'text an'th' fuukin tawkin's NOT in Czech?

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Daro said...

Plaudits for Mia's Story. I see the web's starting to build back a community and a sense of honest sharing that got torn down by the endless demands of functional capitalism. In "hardland", we may be forced to negotiate like clockwork along the narrow strips of concrete between our domocile and work center under the watchful eye of police guards and partitioned cell cameras, but the virtual space is still ours... for now.