Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Tas-Arrest of the Persistent Kerry Critic Is HUGE On YouTube

And amazingly interesting. Talk about a viral meme!!!Comments are illuminating:
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river3782 (2 hours ago) -- the black cop tase him thats racism
JXjohn (2 hours ago) -- you are not totally right. Actually you can hear in background there is a brave lady yelling at police and was stopped by police. Aside of that I share your views to the rest of students at the place.
torontoman25 (2 hours ago) -- Fuck Skull and Bones when you guys gonna grow some balls and run up and get them all
KayLed7894 (2 hours ago) -- I agree sister, well there was one reason....people didn't want to here it
adtr1958 (2 hours ago) -- IT's Not Fascism When WE DO IT
fenomanom (2 hours ago) -- Screw you guys! Taser hurts! Just do what they say, even if it is unlawful! Do it!
confederateyankeegir (2 hours ago) -- YES, of course I had the same reaction to that crowd. (The word "sheeple" comes to mind...)
Even though the guy might have rubbed you the wrong way, please RECOGNIZE when someone's rights are being violated, and don't tolerate it!
Get educated, think for yourself, and for heaven's sake, WAKE UP to what is going on in this country!
samuelshepard (-- ur a babe
edlift (2 hours ago) --you are gonna get what is comin to yah?
Moniker179 (2 hours ago) --"was it true you are a member of skull and bones?" what a patriot!
next time someone asks, "who took a dookie in the urinal?" at an assembly, they might bring in martial law!
you've got the perfect look of "duh!"
dumb way to plug your website though,

There's a LOT of video out there on this issue.

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Tena said...

O man, she does one hell of a job of making the point you've been making for the last 4 or 5 years to me and whoever else was reading your comments.

It's fuckin scary.