Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Climate Crisis: MORE GOOD NEWS!!!

According to NPR's resident Bidness shill, Steve Insqueak, climate change is forcing bidness in the Arctic to "adapt." The warming over the Arctic might end the careers of the "Ice-Road Truckers," cuz it hasn't fallen below -40F in two years in Yellowknife, whence depart these heroes of industry and commerce to supply the mining industry, who need the freezing temps to keep their ice-hiways open and 'safe (Me? I hope they drown.).
So the people mining diamonds, as well as those getting ready to extract every drop of petroleum from under the (rapidly disappearing) perma-frost, are already eyeing the opening of the "Northwest Passage" with glee, and are planning the use of dirigibles in winter. (I expect the Polar Bears wish they could adapt so quickly.)
Personally, I hope that every one of these greedy fux trying to make money by further exploiting the despoiliation of the planet dies broke and in deep despair, afflicted with shingles, rickets and arthritis, diabetes, and scurvy...

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Alexander said...

and then I hope they are et by a polar bear friend.