Monday, September 17, 2007

The Party's Over (Whew!): The Ex-pAtriots, and Others, Have Departed

Looking East, In Frijoles Canyon, Site Of Bandalier Nat'l. Monument
Although Mena's flight got canceled last night. She spent the night at a local motel, courtesy of United Airlines. A Wyndham--At least it wasn't a Motel 6. She flies out this morning.

The event was essentially a success, with the possible exception that we and Dr. Plotke were somehow unable to find one another at the Fair on Saturday.

The sojourn on Friday was an unqualified triumph. Bandalier, after the end of the summer, was almost deserted. The aspens in the Jemez Mountains were starting to turn, having reached the gauzy, pale, chartreuse tone they manifest just prior to erupting into the glorious gold of Autumn. They'll be splendid this weekend, because it's already freezing at altitude here (*and the Valle Grande's @ 9500 feet*), with snow forecast for the FAR north (Chama, and further). Lil Red & Olaf, Ruth, Uncle Smokes and Flory all took a raft of photos which I have begged them to send me, and which I shall post when they do. Smokes was also busy capturing the sounds--and some of the conversations--which accompanied the jaunt. We may expect some snippets on his next audio adventure.

Tena's new 'haos' in Taos is stunning, and she's furnished it in exceptional taste (just as one would expect); the place requires simplicity, almost starkness (say one who lives in the clutter of an abandoned museum--heh). Don Rumsfeld's newest vecina's adobe abode is a SUPER-cool northern New Mexico 'crib': old, wood floors and newer Talavera tiles, thick walls, gorgeous doors, spacious, airy, and happily convenient to the Guadalajara Cafe (north), and The Bean.

And the Beer-Beef-and-Beans-Fest Saturday night was enjoyed, long and loud, by both the visitors as well as some of my local amigos y amigas. We drank a LOT of beer, and there weren't many leftovers from the carnitas, carne adovada, guizado pollo, frijoles, etc; breakfast for a couple of days, is all... There is, however some residual beer, much of it still uncapped.

Flory, Tena, and Mena--who had stayed the night Friday in Taos, and arrove too late Saturday--went to the Fair Sunday. Both Flory and Tena found many lovely baubles, with which the Fair was and is always replete. Also much useful stuff. Along with that whole, wonderful panoply of critters, hooved and winged. And the people-watching is nonpareil (I am planning to go back on Friday to 'assist' Lil Red at the Cuidando Los Ninos booth.)

I saw, though I didn't get a foto of, the ultimate in "On-A-Stick" fetishism: Kid-On-A-Stick. This is a tot-sized tricycle with a long, rigid handle rising up from behind the seat by which an adult maintains actual control of the vehicle to prevent it plunging among the ankles of unwary adults, no small number of them of such girth and substance that the danger would be upon them before they saw, and and too quickly that they could avoid, the threat. Little kids unrestrained, on tricycles, would cast such a swath of wrack and ruin in that crowd as to strain the capacities of first responders state-wide; or they would be ground into the pavement by the vast, ambling herd of humanity before they could so much as level their first pedestrian. In any case, for gruesome carnage, it might rival a day in Bagdhad.

Already, plans are being crafted for another gathering, next year (though with a different itinerary for the tour: Maybe south, through Socorro and the wild-life preserve at Bosque del Apache; green chile buffalo burgers for lunch at the old, original Owl Grill, outside the Stallion Gate to the north of Trinity site; arts&crafts in Mountainair, and then the old pueblo ruins at Abo, Qu'arai, and/or Gran Quivera), with several folks who were unable to attend this year already planning to attend next time: probably Feral Liberal, vaguely mebbe ChiDyke. I could bring Budreau. We might need two vans. Anybody else?

All of which, and the preparations for same, I hope serves as explanation for the almost week-long hiatus from posting (though "who notices?" is a "fair" question).
C-Ya At The Fair!


Anonymous said...

Woody, let me know if you received either of the two emails I sent you this morning. I'm using a borrowed laptop that seems to have trouble sending messages. I am receiving them however. Miss my dearly departed computer.

To everyone we met at Woody's casa Saturday night: greetings one and all. It was a pleasure to be in your company, to put faces with names. We feel like we fell into a new group of old friends. Thanks.
Jay and Janet

mer said...

Hey Woody, nice to hear about all these people having such a good time. Think about you often.

Tena said...

I have been busy the past week with first preparations
for and then hosting the week-end long gathering of
odd bloggers here for Ex-pAtriot Day at Expo New
Mexico nee the New Mexico State Fair.

Let the world at large hear me: Woody is the most wonderful and fascinating host imaginable.

(And "Ex-pAtriot" is brilliant.)
Thanks for the compliments about mi casa!

O, also - let the world at large hear this: all of you who will never experience Woody's hospitality or the New Mexico state fair will, unfortunately, die having lived an incomplete life.


Tena said...

Jay and Janet - Right back atcha - I loved meeting y'all and I do hope you come up sometime.

Janet - I saw your koshari yesterday - wow! It is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Woody is a good friend to everyone, which helps with his capacities as host.

Tena, it's truly a wonderful house.

I feel sorry for all of you reading this who didn't get to join us and if you want to join next year, you will do yourself a favor indeed.

Jay and Janet, what a great pleasure to get acquainted, look forward to more of your contributions conversationally and artistically. Impressed too.

You will see over at Diane and I have also been ranting acstatically. And my photos will be off to Woody when the pokey processing lets me at 'em.

from Ruth

Anonymous said...

acstatically = ecstatically.

I need to sleep.

also from Ruth

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, maybe someday...

Virginia said...

Ruth said:

"I feel sorry for all of you reading this who didn't get to join us and if you want to join next year, you will do yourself a favor indeed."

Since I seem to be getting over my fear of flying, I'd love to come next year should I get anything that looks like an invitation. Never been anywhere in the southwest, and the wild-life preserve and various nature-observing opportunities would turn hubby on big-time.

Glad to hear you all had a blast. DC was also fun.

Hiya, Tena! The house sounds amazing!

FeralLiberal said...

OK, I gotta be there next year!

Anonymous said...

Tena and Ruth,

Good morning and thanks for the kind words. Janet is glad you liked her painting, Tena. Hope a year doesn't go by before we see you again. Ruth, I have even more reasons to visit the cab now that I've met you and Diane. We were charmed by you two.

As for the rest of you, do come next year, you won't regret it. I love Woody's southern itinerary idea. Plus, you won't find a host more gracious and generous anywhere.

Tena said...

Hey Woody - what are we doing next weekend?


WGG, Rogue Scholar & Tokin Lib'rul said...

Tena: I gotta go haul a trailer-ful of rocks this morning. I'm gonna be at the Fair Friday, helping LilRed at the Cuidando Los Ninos booth. Mebbe we otta have a party?

Tena said...

OOOoooooo - another party.

I love parties and you give the best, hermano. I'll call you. What is this thing that Michelle volunteered for? I missed this altogether somehow...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast.

Miss your words of wisdom, woody and tena. Can't post much cuz of work, but I do a lot of lurking...

And I will second Virginia that DC was a blast.

Hi BlakNo1!!!!! Long time no see!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey TJ! Miss ya, love la lots!!

WGG, Rogue Scholar & Tokin Lib'rul said...

hey, tj: great to 'see' ya; c'mon out next year. blakno1, too...