Sunday, September 02, 2007

Michael Gordon, the NYT's pre-eminent war-whore, was featured this morning on NPR's WeSun,

shilling for the Bushevik surge plans.

Nobody--especially not the intellectually lethargic Leanne Hansen, apparently--could bring themselves to mention the fact that, along with the entirely discredited Judy Miller, Gordon was the Times' foremost exponent of the ICORP in Iraq, and the Regime's most reliable SCUM acolyte for more war, and that, therefore, Gordon's 'report' should be treated like a Pentagon press release.

When I called to ask, in the politest possible way (really! I merely reported the facts), why that might be, the guy on the board--headline reader-cum-engineer--hung up me, without so much as a "hey, I gotta run."

Hey, NPR/KUNM? Fuck off; just fuck the fuck off, you SCUM-sucking pig-fuckers. I've been a loyal (albeit an occasionally curmudgeonly) KUNM supporter since they went on the air, 40 fucking years ago; and the dumb-fuck running the board just hangs up on me?


pookapooka said...

Can you contact the Head Cheese at your NPR station & report this? If you still can't get staisfaction, can you find a way to spread this to the public, like in a (sympathetic) newspaper letter-to?

It's high time NPR stopped playing well-meaning cash contributors for patsies.

Dirk Gently said...

Fuck off; just fuck the fuck off, you SCUM-sucking pig-fuckers.

perhaps you were a wee bit TOO polite. :)