Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan, The "KSFO Krewe of Kompassionate Konservatives" Tell NOLA Victims To "Grow Up, Stop Whining, & Get Over It!":

I really don't think violence solves anything (most of the time). Still, i'd love to see the two of 'em eaten, live, by sharks; i'd throw 'em in the bay myself, except it's already almost too polluted to surf--that, and it would be abusive to the poor fish.

The dauntless, and indefatigable Spocko has again caught the baying-bitch-and-bastard-by-the-bay in some more of their toxic rhetoric during programs broadcast by the Disney-owned station on August 28 & 29.

Folks like this present a very difficult dilemma to me. They themselves would claim to be mere 'entertainers', donning and doffing a rhetorical 'costume' to supply their audience with 'what they want.' We shouldn't, they would tell us, read their personal sympathies off their schtick.

Are they saying Andrew Dice Clay ISN'T a dick? Rush isn't a drug-addicted pedophile? Bush really ISN'T a dry-drunk psychopath?

I do not really see that by spewing this vicious and bilious dreck on the airwaves for the dilectation of their knuckle-dragging, incestuous 'audience,' they are much different from any other kiddie pimps or procurers, providing underage children to pederasts.

The inescapable conclusion is that Rodgers and Morgan REALLY ARE the odious, reeking, repellant shit-stains they 'play' to be on the radio.


shrimplate said...

Spocko does a great job of listening in to this malignant bullshit and transcribing it. Thanks for passing it along.

Alexandra said...

Kruschev once said something about shrimps whistling first. Probably he was right--about a lot of things perhaps.