Sunday, September 02, 2007

The End Of "Labor Day."

"Labor Day" has become an anachronism. Only one worker in 10 is a union member. I therefore predict that "Labor Day" will soon (within a decade) be replaced by a soi-disant "Patriots' Day," to commemorate the victims of 'terrorism.'
There is no sentiment in 'Bidness' to create another holiday, and when the next attack comes, there will be ferocious pressure from the Right to create a holiday to commemorate the victims. "Labor Day" being the most convenient date to the obvious Terror Day, Sept. 11, it will be sacrificed to expediency.

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Mr. Pelican said...

Hmm, "Terror Day",,,,,,,,I like it! We can all strap IED's to our midriffs and pull the string! 260 million firecrackers! This works on a variety of levels. This would also be a good way to commemorate Earth Day. Think about it. We celebrate Terror and at the same time we solve the Global warming crisis!