Sunday, September 23, 2007

Israel, of ALL the World's Nations, Ought To Abjure 'Collective Punishment."

But they don't:
In order to fend off the political challenge of the REAL Likudniks of Netanyahu, the weak, pseudo-Likud "Kadima" Govt has declared the Gaza Strip to be a “hostile entity” and is actively limiting supplies of fuel and electricity to the Territory; this is unquestionably an act of collective punishment by Israel. The Kadima-led coalition government has also said it will further restrict the transfer of goods and people in and out of Gaza. The moves are part of an escalating offensive against Gaza’s one-and-a-half million residents that could culminate in an armed attack. Can you say "ethnic cleansing?" I knew you could.

Ramming the religious 'State of Israel' down the throats of the indigenes and their neighbors in 1948 arguably has turned out to have been one of the biggest blunders of the entire 20th Century. Up there with the Treaty of Versailles, and the bombing of Nagasaki.
Remember the Stern Gang?

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