Monday, September 03, 2007

The Climate Crisis: Silver Lining Dept.

Well, if every drowned polar bear may yield the equivalent of a coupla tanks of gas for the Murkin Consumer, why bubble, bubble, lil bear. Tough.

That was the tone of voice I heard in the teaser for Morning Edition's promo on tonite's ATC, pimping a Morning Edition story of how the melting of the Arctic might yield huge energy resources, to be broadcast tomorrow. I thought Insqueak's effervescent excitement over the commercial possibilities of the Northwest Passage to be a bit self-orgasmic, as if the narrator held some commercial interest, or something, a bit unseemly, y'know?
I bet if I tried, I could retrieve that sound-byte.
Or somebody could.

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Mr. Pelican said...

I heard a different version of the same pimp: everything I need to know about climactic change in the arctic. Wow, I didn't realise NPR was omniscient.