Friday, September 21, 2007

Wish in one hand and poop in the other and sniff which one gets stinky: The Oprah Solution

IF Oprah Winfrey had a fucking curly chinchilla of courage, integrity, compassion or social conscience, she take a couple of thousandths of the BILLION PLUS dollars she's accepted from the White/racist power structure of the CorpoRat Media, and she'd buy every single stick of property owned by Black folks in Jena, Louisiana, and provide a way for those poor people to escape that racist fucking swamp. The MINIMUM she should do is to endow scolarships to good schools for each of the kids the thug/racist pigs in Jena are trying to use as object lessons on 'know your place, kneegrow."

But she's too sold-out, too complicit, too gutless, to afraid of alienating mebbe one or two advertizers.

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Anonymous said...

But, but Mychal Bell deserved to be punished for resorting to violence!@![/clueless Volvo liberal]