Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Climate Crisis: The GOOD News!

NPR's Steve Inskeep (aka "InSqueek) narrated a story this morning that tolled the praises of global warming for all the commercial/bidness activity the melting of the Arctic ice might permit.
With nary a discouraging word, Steve led us breathlessly through an unparalleled piece of pro-bidness propaganda, all about the energy resources, plus GOLD and all kinds of other 'precious' stuff that 'opening' the Arctic will occasion the 'recovery' of (like it was fucking lost, or some shit?). What could be wrong widdat?

It seemed to me then, and still, somewhat unseemly that this paean to the commercial 'boom' coming to the North--complete with nationalistic claims and counter-claims, ships, bases, and troops--should have been presented as if it were unalloyed opportunity, good news, and fodder for more stock price increases, when what it in fact means is the complete and utter destruction of the natural habitat including the largest reservoir of fresh water on the fucking planet.
You cannot spell "Republican" without NPR: Your Bidness Connection!

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