Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Host on "The View," Sherri (something) Does NOT Believe Evolution, Cannot Say If World Flat Or Round

From Alternet, scroll down.
Here's the clip from YouTube:

Sherri's world ain't round, but it is FUCKIN FAT! From the Alternet blerb:
The latest mind-boggling exchange occurred between comedian Sherri Shepherd and her other co-hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg. After refusing to accept evolution, (Huckabee, we've found you a running mate!), Goldberg asked Shepherd whether she thought the world was flat (trying to make a point about value of scientific evidence) and Shepherd claimed she didn't know and if her kids ever asked her she'd have to take them to the library to "look it up." Check out the video to your right for more.
I guess drooling, stupid, vapid, moronic, fat-headed dumb-fux need a voice on TV, too. Sherri certainly qualifies!


Ruth said...

Maybe she'll fall off the edge on her way to the library!

Tena said...

This is so breathtaking that it's hard to know what to say. It's not as if The View needed any dumbing down.

Jesus fucking christ - I'm so old I remember when America was proud of being smart and half the boys I knew wanted to be scientists or engineers and work for NASA.

Now little boys want to grow up to be Kevin Federline.

I'd say something like Just shoot me, but hell, I won't be around to see them when they are grown up. There are compensations for getting older, it seems.

BlakNo1 said...

What? Was poor little Elizabeth feeling lonely?

keith said...

This video has been removed from youtube.
Does anyone have it cached?