Monday, September 24, 2007

My Pal, Mike K, Has Reached His Limit

Mike's a soft-spoken, intelligent, introspective fella, a vet like me, and an old 'dirty, fucking hippie,' who usually controls his temper.
The gibbering, simpering, swaggering, strutting, smirking Chimp's 'outrage' at the MOveOn ad--"General BetrayUs?"--broke through his normal reserve.
I don't usually Swear, but in this case.......
"I was incredulous at first and then became mad." -- Zippy the CiC, on the "General Betray Us" ad.

Hey shithead, go fuck yourself!

In 1996, when Clinton was president, your party sold t-shirts that said, "Where is Lee Harvey Owswald when we need him?" so fuck you.

In 1998, your party impeached our president during war time, so fuck you.

In 2000, you said McCain betrayed his fellow POWs in Vietnam, so fuck you.

Also in 2000, you mocked Gore for going to Vietnam when you went AWOL, so fuck you.

In 2002, your party morphed Max Cleland into Osama, so fuck you.

At your party convention, assholes mocked John Kerry's Purple Hearts, so fuck you.

Does your precious General Betrayus have any shrapnel in his ass like John Kerry does?

You don't give a flying goddamn fuck about the dignity of the soldiers.

Hell you lied 3,800 of them into an early grave to steal Iraq's oil, so fuck you.

U.S. military cemetery running out of space:
A Kansas military cemetery has run out of space after the burial of another casualty of the Iraq war. "We are full," said Alison Kohler, spokeswoman for the Fort Riley U.S. Army post, home of the 1st Infantry Division.
Fort Riley can bury bodies on top of other bodies if family members want to share a plot, said Kohler.

Oh perfect!
Bush is killing so many soldiers they're stacking them up under the ground?
And you have a problem with's ad?

Go fuck yourself, you AWOL, walking-disaster, murderer of good soldiers..

I just can't take any more!!!

The Chimp got MAD?
I have difficulty expressing how mad I am. Mad enough to wish with every corpuscle of my being that the grinning Simian's head winds up on the end of a fucking pike.

No, no, silly, the OTHER kind...

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Sparkle Plenty said...

I just can't take any more!!!

When he spat out that word "disgusting" I wanted someone to fling a shit pie in his face.