Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Carrots Or Sticks?

Matt Stoller today discusses the problem that 'enterprising' bureaucratic 'entrepeneurs' go into Govt to learn enough about how to exploit it to make millions defeating it for the benefit of the corpoRat/elite/oiligarchic class. It's a very bad idea. He says (t)he only real solutions involve a progressive tax code, open legislative processes, and public financing of elections.

In terms of the famed "double positive": Yeah, right!

Now will somebody please explain to me exactly what kind of incentive can be provided to convince the wealthy, authoritarian, corporatist elite to foresake the powers they've spent the last 100 years, and several trillions of dollars amassing?

Appeals to altruism will certainly be unavailing. Neither honor nor patriotism (in its best sense or its worst) nor ethical concerns nor the future of their progeny will move them.

So what do we do to persuade them NOT to use their consideraqble power/wealth to obstruct justice and fairness, given they've spent their whole lives successfully combatting both justice and fairness to make their fortunes?


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