Monday, December 24, 2007

WASF: Greenland's ice-sheet's melting about twice as fast as "anybody could have predicted."

And the rate is increasing, too.

Got beachfront property? Manhattan? Long Island? Miami? Honolulu? Lost Angeles? Corpus Christi? Sell, sell, sell! For a while at least, there'll be people to buy it.

How long can YOU tread water? Practice, practice, practice, people...

More than a BILLION people live within three vertical feet of sea level. Can you say Bangladesh? Sure you can!

They're not gonna have anywhere to go.

Except where YOU already are.

How much of where you are doesn't already have have somebody on it?

You see the problem.

For any and all practical purposes, these conditions are IRREVERSIBLE: My life-time (mebbe 20 years), your life-time, your kids', your kids' kids', your kids' kids' kids' lifetimes. least in terms of humans' intervention...Without a super-volcano eruption somewhere (or nuclear winter), it's not gonna get and stay cold enough long enough to even begin to 'repair' the damage.


Oh, yeah. Merry X-mas. And Happy New Year, too...


Anonymous said...

Damn your parenthetical nuclear winter--now bush can say, 'hey, i bombed iran to stop global warming.'

merry, merry, to you, too,

whiskey girl

pookapooka said...

A new industry thus will be born, giving a whole new meaning to the word "dike"...