Monday, December 17, 2007

USA: Universal Surveillance of Americans

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald: “More than anything else, what these revelations highlight — yet again — is that the U.S. has become precisely the kind of surveillance state that we were always told was the hallmark of tyrannical societies, with literally no limits on the government’s ability or willingness to spy on its own citizens and to maintain vast dossiers on those activities.”

Nobody, it seems, could have EVER anticipated how the GWOT would become best excuse for the limitation of citizens' civil liberties since the Red Peril.

Fucking morons!

What the fuck ELSE did anyone think was gonna happen?

Surveillance has been the telos of civilization for the last 220 fucking YEARS, assholes.

Bentham proposed, and advocated for the "Panopticon," in 1787, or there abouts. Foucault claimed (justifiably, imho) that the over-riding PURPOSE of the "human sciences" (psychology, anthropology, sociology, psychiatry, psychology, all of them) EVER SINCE was to perfect the process of surveillance, and to impose that regime, seemlessly, over all civilization. Civilization would be defined as "Humanity in a State of Perfect Surveillance."

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