Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Shrillary Blames "Irresponsible" Iraqis for Legislative Foot-dragging

I just heard a clip on AAR (Steph's place) of Mrs. Clenis (I caught flack for calling her "the Clintoris," but I still think it's an effective one-word 'diss') berating the Iraqis for not 'stepping up' to their "legislative responsibilities," and ignoring the needs of the "Iraqi People."

This is Beltway shorthand for: "Those ingrate fucking rag-head Hajiis haven't passed the Oil Law, with the proceeds from which we USers were supposed to have "paid" for the ICORP (Invasion, Conquest, Occupation, Rape & Pillage).

If al Maliki can get the Iraqi parliament to pass that ONE piece of legislation, he'll be hailed along the Potomac as the Iraqi Washington/Jackson/Lincoln. If he doesnt (and he won't, because blocking passage of the oil distribution scheme is aprta nd parcel with the rest of the Iraqi resistance to USer imperialsism), he'll be tossed aside (probably dead), and somebody else will be raised up to try it.

I STILL think Ahmad ("Judy, Judy, Judy") Chalabi will become the eventual strongman in Iraq, supported by 14 "temporary" USer bases and a 75-100,000 USer troops.

Gay-ron-fuukin'--TEEd, chers...

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Anonymous said...

She ain't getting my vote in any way, shape or form.