Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dead Girl's Family May Seek Murder/Manslaughter Charges Against CIGNA.

Carpetbagger: (Often), the national healthcare scandal isn’t limited to those without insurance; sometimes it’s equally outrageous what happens to those with insurance.
Case in point: Over on Crooks & Liars, there is a nice little summary of the case of Nataline Sarkisyan, the terribly ill 17-year girl in California whose liver transplant--the only thing that sould have kept her alive--the company denied, only to reverse itself after the case became public knowledge and the callousness of their previous decision became a 'cause celebre' among the "Sicko-"quoting detractors of the corrupt, insensitive, incompetent, vile, profit-centered 'health insurance' industry. She went into a coma and died within hours of the reversal.
All Spin Zone: It’s all about risk management. Keep this in mind as you read further — because you are a risk, not a client — to your healthcare, life, auto, and homeowners insurance providers…In other words, a bean counter at Cigna made the decision that since they had already shelled out a lot of cash for the bone marrow and kidney transplant, that the cost of a liver transplant and followup care was just too high...
Remember this: You're not a "client," not a "customer," not a "valued friend." To your insurer, it's a game and you are nothing but a risk. Stick it to 'em at any and every chance you get. I think if you are insured by CIGNA--or any other player in this macabre game--you should be very worried about getting sick. And you should lay in a supply of flammable materials and a map to their nearest corporate hq.
(Ed. Note: I blogged about this story the day it broke, over on The Lamb.)

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Anonymous said...

Everything convinces me that the medical field has to be rescued from insurance companies. Michael Moore could have been a lot rougher on the Am'n medical scene than he was.

from Ruth