Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I Wanna Thank Alan Bock For Being One-Third Right

on crucial matters I've been discussing since 2003: The Reason(s) Why...

Why the Bushevik/PNAC/Zionist/Oil Cabal invaded and conquered (so far) Iraq, that is.

Bock says "the purpose was to establish permanent U.S . bases in Iraq, to serve as forward staging areas for future forays in the world wide "war on terror," in someplace other than Saudi Arabia, home to the most universally sacred-to-Islam sites.

But even at that, he's only half-right; so really he's only a sixth right. Yes, it will be convenient to have USer troops on the ground in the middle east. But the real prize is the air-cover that Iraqi bases extend out into the steppes of central Asia. The Grand Game for the riches of the trans-Caspian continues a pace

And he completely ignores the other two fundamental reasons for the Iraqi ICORP. The first of these was, of course to negate existing Iraqi energy resource exploitation agreements to the advantage of US/multinational energy giants like BP and Exxon/Mobil, which had been shut out of agreements Saddam Hussein's govt had negotiated with Russians, French, and other concerns during the earlier embargo and post-Gulf War period. Since you cannot have binding agreements with the dead, Hussein and all his cronies--to say nothin g of the Ba'athist Iraqi State--had to go.

The second was to protect Israel, the West's most enduring Imperial/colonial toe-hold in the region, and the darling step-child of the Flying Monkey zealots of the USer/Xian Right-wing, who need an "Israel" in order to act out their eschatological fantasies. It is in pursuit of this purpose that the proposals to "Balkanize" Iraq have arisen, since there could hardly be a more effective way to prevent any further Iraqi interference with Israel's regional hegemonic objectives than to fracture the country into three, competing, hostile, semi-federated states enveloped in fratricidal disputation over power, resources and wealth.

Saddam Hussein assuredly signed his own execution warrant with the first SCUD he fired off in the general direction of Tel Aviv in 1991. He assured the destruction of his country when, in the conduct of "bidness," he turned his back on "US/Western/Big Oil," and threatened to deal in Euros instead of Dollars.

Nuttin' poyssonal, ya unnerstan'?

The ICORP of Iraq has ALWAYS had these three purposes at its heart. An explanation of the 'reason why' that leaves out any of them must be incomplete.

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