Friday, December 14, 2007

MLB Steroid "Scandal," Amended.

I'm reneging on my pledge not to discuss this sham scandal because a new dimension has been added with the allegations in the "Mitchell Report" that Roger Clemens was/is a serial violator. Clemens, while not the most popular player in the league among players (he throws AT batters), is a fan favorite, a (record) seven-time Cy Young winner (and thus a certifiable Hall-Of-Famer/'star'), and is (most importantly) White.

Former MLBer John Kruk said on one of the ESPN shows yesterday that he wasn't surprised that Clemens was juicing, because athletes do not NATURALLY improve their performance, post 40.

So I am wondering if those folks calling for Barry Bonds' scalp (indictment, conviction, & execution) for his alleged violations will be as hard on Clemens--or the doe-eyed Andy Pettitte--as they had planned to be on Bonds.

That is, not to put too fine a point on the matter: I will be fascinated to see if the folks who want to strip Barry Bonds' of his home-run record will be as adamant about stripping Roger Clemens of his 7 Cy Youngs, also a record.

My guess? mmmmmm...not so much!

We shall see...

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