Saturday, December 29, 2007

If Edwards Wins Iowa, What Will Be His "Dean Scream?"

Cuz assuredly there's gonna be one.

I don't really care all tha much whether Edwards can govern from his expressed platform, because he'll never have the chance. Even if he 'wins' in Iowa, he's STILL toast.

He's too 'shrill,' meaning he complains too loudly about the power of the wealthy, the corporations. The hegemons may permit such language when the speaker is already marginalized, cus it makes the yokels think there's actually an open political discourse in play. But let a real, progressive populist get a leg up, and s/he's doomed. Howard Dean came out of Iowa as 'winner.' But the next week, on Hardball (iirc), he announced that, should he win, he'd look at rolling back media consolidation.

Enter: The Dean Scream!

Exit: the Dean campaign.

Even should Edwards, upon winning Iowa, avoid the pitfalls of victory, they'll get him.

I have long thought the People of the USof A need a really sharp, smart, nasty, aggressive trial lawyer in the Presidency. The President, as the representative of ALL the People, is a majority of one when the Cabinet (which is composed of the institutional avatars of all the "special interests) convenes. We, the People, need a really strong, mean, fierce, ferocious advocate for OUR interests. A trial lawyer would understand that, and act accordingly.

John Edwards is the only trial lawyer in the bunch of corporate hacks and shills. As such he's the one we need; but he's also the one we won't get./


Anonymous said...

Er, Woody, Dean did *not* win Iowa. In fact iirc he came in 3rd or thereabouts. The "scream" was a yee-ha to rev up his wildly disappointed supporters and tell them that he wasn't quitting, it was on-to-NH etc.

Your point about Edwards is well taken though. Somebody said over at atrios' that Fox has now said they will essentially no longer cover Ron Paul on account of his low standing in the polls. Combined with the complete non-coverage (on similar reasoning) of Kucinich on the D side it is clear they simply will not let any strong anti-war voices be heard.

Paul is of course a complete wackaloon except in that regard, but that's the one that draws people. This cannot be allowed.


(we miss you over at the Old Home Place btw. You could at least drop by and snark from time to time so people know you're alive, eh?) :)

Ruth said...

More people are popping up every day with Edwards as their choice over at Eschaton. I'm beginning to think he may lead in Iowa, he's certainly got the right message.