Monday, December 31, 2007

Please, People! The Busheviks are NOT "Incompetent."

And we have to stop pretending that they are.

On ThinkProgress, in a thread about the resignation of a FEMA functionary, and the inevitable litany of FEMA's failures, one commentor asked:Will the bounds of George Bush’s incompetence ever be fully realized? I replied:

I do wish we could agree to forego this whole 'incompetence' thing.

The Busheviks are anything but 'incompetent.' It's like the US 'school system.' Everybody regards it as a failure, but it is sublimely successful at what it is designed to do, which is to provide evidence retroactively (grades, test scores, permanent record, etc) to ratify the socio-economic decisions regarding the students' life-prospects made before they ever entered a classroom.

The Bush cabal has not done anything it was not designed, by its owners and masters, to do. As I have been saying for nearly five years: They were installed for the (almost expressed) purpose of undermining, attacking, subverting, and delegitemizing any and all instruments and/or institutions of democratic republican self-government. At that they have succeeded beyond their happiest imaginings.

No one any longer trusts the 'franchise,' the vote, the centerpeice of the whole enterprise.
No one today trusts the Supreme Court, or much of anything about the us judicial system, from the DOJ on down. Why were 98 US Attys allowed to keep their jobs, fer the love of christ?
The US Army, arguably the proletarian arm of the sevices, is virtually in ruins. The National Guard is 'guarding' some other nation.
Congress is a laughingstock, with nominal Dems and Pukes falling all over each other ti institutionalize thought crimes.
FEMA? Right.
HSA was an authoritarian power grab from the outset, into which has disappeqared just about all the 'disposable' income that wasn't sucked up by the illegal war.
Torture? Fuck! Torture?
Medical costs put mere health beyond the rech of about 20-25 percent of our citizens.
His lies to the UN torpedoed Colin Powell as a avatar for decency (whatsoever was left for him after My Lai).
The FCC? Powell? The new guy just got finished giving away the store before their 'political capital' went completely away. General Electric thanks your ass!

What the fascist GOPhux haven't fucked up, they've privatized or stolen.

I think it fair to say that the consequences of the Bush Inc. cabal's control over the machinery of the state for the last 7 years will NEVER be repaired.

Shit, they'll never even be recognized.
Ahhhh, fuckit! FIGMO!


Anonymous said...


Terry C, Edwards/Kucinich 08

Anonymous said...

And in January 09, they will just pack it up and ride off into the sunset, laughing all the way.