Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fatally Tainted: I Regard Any Candidate For National Political Office

who cites their personal religious convictions as grounds for (my/public) support to be irreversibly and inextricably compromised. I will not contribute to, nor shall I canvas or vote for, any such expressly 'religious' candidate. I do not care, or want to know, to what particular religious sect anyone belongs, as long as they are silent about it in matters of public interest, policy, or action.

The USofA is a secular state. It's leaders--be they in power or aspiring to it--have no business invoking 'A Higher Power' to guide their deliberations. In a secular state, there is no "higher power" than the People and the Constitution. Personal sectarian 'belief' should be and remain private. No "faith," nor "God," nor sectarian dogma is in any way relevant. To assert that any such 'article of faith' should be considered by the electorate is to REJECT the explicit injunction of the Founders, and is a prima facie case for immediate and automatic DIS-qualification from the political process...

Fuck God!

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