Monday, December 24, 2007

If you could inject yourself with a drug which MIGHT help make you rich beyond your wildest dreams

or irresistibly attractive to the opposite sex, or help you attain the highest ranks of your profession--as long as you did EVERYTHING ELSE that was necessary to achieve such aims/goals--would you take it? This isn't trivial: It's the gratification of your every desire. With a shot. C'mon?!?

Would you "Dope" for success?
  • * Yes, and I wouldn't care who knew.
  • * Yes, but I wouldn't tell anyone.
  • * Yes, but I'd deny it.
  • * No. It's cheating and that's dishonorable.
  • * No. It wouldn't be worth being caught
  • * No. I'm already too sexy/rich/talented enough
  • * I really don't know; I'd like to think I wouldn't
  • * I don't know, but I'm weak, so I probably would.
  • The actual poll is up on My Left Wing
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    Eli said...

    The "everything else" part lets me right out. I'm too fucking lazy.